Public Relations Specialist Education

Public Relations Specialist Education


Public Relations Specialist education is a common topic among those who wish to have a career in PR. Individuals who have pursued a degree related to public relations have become extremely valuable to any organization attempting to maintain a favorable public image. If you have a high level of interpersonal skills, are interested in communications, and have a high stress threshold, a career as a public relations specialist is well suited for you. This public relations specialist education post is a great read! Check it out. 




Below we outline some of the suggested paths in education  to landing a career as a public relations specialist.


Education Needed to Become a Public Relations Specialist

In the public relations industry, competition has become quite intense over recent years. As news stories are spreading quicker than ever through social media outlets on the internet, the demand for public relations specialist has increased. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public relations job growth is expected to grow 12% by 2022. It is important to pursue PR-related education to compete for entry-level positions.




Public Relations Specialist Degrees

It is recommended that someone pursuing a career in public relations have at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree in an area of study such as journalism, marketing, or communications. Many universities, such as the University of Florida, offer a public relations major. Whether pursuing a strictly public relations major or not, critical thinking and writing skills are essential in public relations training, thus pursuing courses in creative writing and strategy will prove advantageous.


Internship Experience in Public Relations

Completing an internship at a public relations agency or in a public relations department will greatly improve your chances of landing a job. Public relations internships can include working as a public relations specialist for a sports team, celebrity, or even public relations for the government. As an intern you will gain hands on experience and training writing press releases, measuring the quality of your message, and how to reach your target audience most effectively. Sites such as Looksharp, offer internship listings specifically in public relations.




Common Public Relations Interview Questions and Answers

As outlined above, the personal and professional qualities sought in a public relations specialist are heavily communication based. To prepare for an interview for a public relations position, it is important be ready to answer situational questions. Employers are looking for individuals who can think on their feet and quickly respond to any public relation nightmares they might come across. Answering questions such as “what would you do is X happened?” will give the hiring manager a quick glimpse of your abilities as a public relations specialist. Check out this website for a complete list of questions commonly asked in a public relations interview.  




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