Public Relations and Millennials

Millennials are taking the workforce by storm.

They are redefining the way businesses work and how coworkers interact. Brands are reaching out more than ever to the youth for advice and for influence. Having been raised during the Internet Age, millennials are coming up with unique digital strategies to market and advertise businesses. To keep up with these rapidly evolving methods, companies should be hiring more millennials. Simply duplicating techniques that millennials invent will only have short term sustainability.

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These strategies include viral components, influencer connections and social media engagement. To think like a millennial, you must be a millennial. A few changes that millennials have brought to firms that include digital PR techniques, growth hacking strategies and city-wide publicity strategies. Businesses are now spending time and energy investing not only in millennials but in their ideas and strategies.

From expanded digital marketing divisions to teams dedicated to social networks like Snapchat and Periscope, millennials are redefining how customers interact with brands.

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